There may be cases when the freight that you’re shipping won’t fit into a standard shipping container. At that point, you’ll want to utilize the options presented by Tetra Shipping LLC break bulk services. This situation can occur when there is the need to transport an oversized item or an irregularly shaped product that is incompatible with a rectangular shipping container. We have experienced shipping experts with many years of break bulk shipping experience that will facilitate world-wide transportation that your organization requires. With our break bulk services, the transportation of heavy and large cargo is not a problem.


Oversized and special cargoes are commonly transported using Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ro/Ro) services, and it is the safest and most cost effective way to ship these cargoes. Worldwide services of this nature generally specialize in the transportation of self-propelled wheeled and track vehicles. Ro/Ro is tailored for the movement of automobiles, trucks, boats on trailers, and self-propelled heavy machinery and construction equipment. We utilizes the most reliable and experienced carriers to focus on the movements of crawler cranes, excavators, dozers, crushers, trucks and other specialized equipment for the equipment trading industry.