Air Freight

Tetra Shipping LLC provides best in class air export services for any type of cargo, anywhere in the world. We utilize all the major airlines to offer our customers a variety of air freight service options. To ensure timely, cost effective movement of your goods, TETRA Shipping LLC team maintains extensive contracts and block space agreements and monitors the market trends closely. TETRA Shipping LLC works closely with its customers providing assistance with routing options, document preparation, proper export Customs processing and adherence to export compliance standards.

  • Collecting and packing cargo for air shipments
  • Preparing all kinds of paper work.
  • Booking the suitable flight.
  • Handing over shipment to airport terminals for customs formality.
  • Consolidating air shipments.
  • Turning all papers to airlines after customs releasing cargo
  • Providing pre alert to consignees as well as to our overseas partners as required.
  • Offering door to door service at all major cities around the world.


Business or Personal, we understand the importance of your Documents and Parcels, We are committed to handle it with utmost care from the time of picking it up from you until the time of delivering it at the doorstep of the consignee and we will ensure that it reaches the destination, on time

Air to Air Shipments

Some air shipments cannot reach the destination directly since there will not be any direct Air service from the origin. In this case Tetra Shipping LLC provides you Air to Air service which helps the origin to connect with the destination by involving another country or City for transshipment. Air to Air service helps to connect the places which has no direct Air freight service.